Elsa cabinets for the Irish Naval Service

Our friends at the Irish Navy service have adopted the SOS100 cabinet to store their emergency breathing apparatus on the lead ship of the Vard designed LÉ Róisín class Offshore patrol vessels. LÉ Róisín was built in the North Devon Appledore shipyard (now known as H&W Appledore) in the 1990s and was already fitted with immersion suit chests and GSLJ cabinets manufactured by Jo Bird. The Irish Naval service has used our cabinets extensively due to their combination of lightweight, durability and the level of protection they offer.
The SOS100 escape set cabinet is the green coloured version of the SOS101 fire extinguisher cabinet (NSN J351 99 968 7722). The tough, clear polycarbonate lid means the gauge can be checked without the need to open the door. The door can be hinged to the left or right hand sides (helpful in confined spaces) simply by rotating the cabinet and moving the shelf.

SOS100 with lid closed

The SOS100 showing the high quality clear lid and compact design