While sitting waiting for an appointment in a hospital some years ago, I realised hanging fire extinguishers on hooks isn’t the ideal solution. Yes they are available for immediate use but equally because of this there was the temptation for people to use them as door stops. Also, being complex shapes, they are time consuming to clean. This is now more important than ever.

We manufactured a trial batch of injection moulded fire extinguisher cabinets with an anti-microbial additive using silver ion technology. They proved quite popular but because they were injection moulded, very large quantities had to be made at one time. The business case wasn’t strong enough to justify this so it was reluctantly dropped from the options list.

In the last 12 months we have been asked to manufacture cabinets for cleaning equipment as the prospect of a harmful outbreak on an OSV, oil rig, offshore substation or cruise ship is a serious concern.


We have supplied cabinets to NHS secure hospitals for a number of years. The logical step was to trial an anti-microbial additive to the outside of our composite cabinets along with the rotary handles. This has proved to be very successful but before we roll this out as an option on the composite cabinets, we need to clarify a few points. More information will follow on this but for now we are manufacturing all the rotary door catches as used on an increasing number of our cabinets with the anti-microbial additive.

All the rotary handles supplied from now come with the Biomaster additive and this will last the lifetime of the product as it is an integral part of the handle components rather than just a surface finish. The parts treated are the yellow rotary part and the grey dish around the handle. The back of the handle inside the cabinet is not treated. The only parts usually touched during routine inspections are the handle/surround.

Biomaster technology pro-actively inhibits/disrupts the growth of bacteria/microbes on the treated surfaces and is certified to ISO22196. 



Typical reduction rates for illustrative purposes only, actual reduction rate varies depending on material and Biomaster addition rate. Please note: In the USA the different regulations mean the anti-microbial claims are not the same so the information shown only applies outside the US. If you are based in the USA or would like to export to this country, we are happy to provide information which is fully compliant.


The Anti-microbial handles are fitted as standard from now for the JB01R, JB02R, JB28R, JB16R, JB81, JB82 and JB83. If you would like more information please email me at nick.atkins@jobird.co.uk.