Jo Bird and company have gradually diversified into the renewables sector through offshore wind projects and the Nuclear industry. 

Biomass is one of the lesser known but rapidly growing sources of renewable energy with the market expected to grow from $17 Billion USB in 2018 to $80 Billion USD by 2027 (Energypedia 2020). 

Jo Bird delighted to receive an order from a company in Aberdeen for 29 x JB10H fire hose cabinets destined for the new 299MW Tees Renewable Energy plant. This power plant utilizes old wooden pallets as it’s fuel source and is the first Biomass plant we have supplied as far as we know. The United states, Europe and the UK are all keen to use Biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels and so reduce CO2 emissions.

This is another indication of how diverse the energy sector is becoming.