JB29 wind turbine escape equipment cabinet in orange colour showing exterior signageMore good news this week as the latest order for JB29 offshore wind turbine cabinets has been received. This is part of an ongoing drive by the world market leader in Offshore wind, to upgrade the safety of their wind turbines by installing these cabinets on the nacelle helidecks.
The cabinets are designed to store up to 8 sets of the “new all-on-one VIKING YouSafe Hightide suit featuring rescue harnesses, gloves and descent device robust enough to support an outside descent and the built-in buoyancy so that a person in distress can stay in the water until rescuers arrive” According to Bettina Kjærgaard. By having the kit containing everything together, vital seconds can be saved in an emergency.
The cabinets themselves, were designed to meet the exacting specifications of the wind farm developer/owner and can cope with 45 minute per second wind speeds. The superb IP rating ensures the equipment remains in perfect working order however severe the weather outside.
This latest batch are destined for the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm off the Yorkshire coast. A rather apt location name for these tough cabinets! JB29 Datasheet