JB73 Helicrash Equipment Chest

Dimensions (mm): Height x width x depth: 875 x 1480 x 1050

Aperture: 840D x 1382W

Internal depth: 840

Weight Kg: 39 Kg

These cabinets are manufactured using Lloyds approved composites including UV resistant gelcoats to provide long lasting protection for the CAP437 helicopter rescue tools including the ladder in even the harshest environments. This is backed up with an excellent IP rating of 56. It has both Lloyds and ABS approvals.

The design ensures a high level of rigidity for the relatively low weight with a very effective EPDM seal around the door aperture. The hinges are secured with 316 stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers. The tool brackets are made of the same materials. The lid catches can be fitted with anti-tamper seals.


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Second Third

Third Third[/JB73 Datasheet 2019one_third_last]

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