JB80 in Red with door closed



   After a few years of painstaking R&D Jo Bird have the pleasure to announce the launch of our first IP66 rated cabinet! The Firebird range were already setting the standard with the excellent IP56 rating but following the principles of Kaizen, the R&D team were not prepared to rest on their laurels.

The prototype cabinets have gone through extensive testing for both dust and water ingress which was carried out by the TUV Sud testing house as shown below:



   JB80 under going water ingress testing 

JB80 undergoing dust ingress testing at TUV



  JB80 undergoing dust ingress testing

The JB80 fire hose cabinet is designed to cope with the rigours of tough offshore conditions and to provide many years of reliable protection for a marine fire fighting hose and nozzle. It is guaranteed against manufacturing defects but has a design life of approximately 20 years.  It can also be used to store other equipment as required.

The method of manufacturing uses a closed mould process for the door to help reduce VOC emissions, minimise waste and provide the fine tolerance needed to achieve such a high IP level. It also gives a superb standard of finish. The door can be hinged to the left or the right hand side and is opened via the large rotary handle of well proven design. This handle can easily be opened when wearing gloves and so give fast access in an emergency. Furthermore, it contains Biomaster anti-microbial additive from our friends at Addmaster. Furthremore, the handle  can be fitted with an anti-tamper seal.

JB80 with 25m marine fire hose and door open



   JB80 With door open and a marine fire hose

Rotary handle with anti-tamper seal




JB80 Handle containing anti-microbial additive and fitted with anti-tamper seal

Common with the other models in the Firebird range, the JB80 can be customised with other colours, windows and fire retardent materials along with alternative lettering. It is designed to be bulkhead/wall mounted but can be supplied with posts for free standing support.

It’s compact design and rounded profile make it ideal for use on vessels and offshore structures. It is guaranteed against manufacturing defects but has a design life of approximately 20 years. 

The JB80 is the first of a new range of cabinets from Jo Bird offering unrivalled levels of durability and protection for vital lifesaving equipment. It is available to order from now.

For more information please contact our sales team info@jobird.co.uk or +44 1278785546.