If you have been looking at any Jo Bird datasheets recently, you may have noticed the future net zero benchmark logo. Jo Bird and company are one of the very limited number of UK companies who have signed up to a pledge to halve the company’s CO2 emissions by 2030. Being heavily involved in the offshore wind sector may have been one of the reasons for being shortlisted by SWMAS and we have been audited by Ashley Webber at Balanced energy to measure our CO2 levels with suggestions as to how this could be reduced to help achieve this ambitious goal. This was a very detailed report looking at estimating the levels of CO2 from a number of sources including heating and travel amongst other things. A dashboard report is then produced to make it easy to monitor.

The latest report will show Jo Bird have now achieved Platinum status (from standard) due to significant CO2 reductions compared to the previous year but a lot of this is due to Covid restrictions reducing the business travelling so other avenues are being explored to continue the CO2 reduction and keep the company on track.

Significant steps are being taken to reduce emissions from the production process and to also reduce waste materials by redesigning the tooling and the use of more closed moulds. This has the added benefit of improving the quality of the cabinets but it is an expensive and time consuming exercise if a very necessary one. The race is on.