Frequently Asked Questions

What are composites?

A. Composites by their nature are a mixture of materials. The outsides are a UV resistant Gelcoat backed by layers of fibreglass/resin mix. In the centre are a variety of other reinforcements such as coremat or PET for extra rigidity. The exact mix depending on the size of the cabinet, the amount of weight of the contents or the wind loading on the outside. The main benefits of using composites as opposed to steel are: Lower weight, no sharp edges and superb corrosion resistance.

Can I have the cabinet in a different colour?

  A. Yes you can have a different colour and there are a standard range of RAL colours. These are Red, Orange,Green, White, yellow and Grey. There are also a number of other colours available for no extra cost. Sometimes if it is a very unusual colour, there may be an additional charge as special pigment will have to be bought in. Please ask for details.

Can the internal layout be changed?

A. All the JB composite range can be customised to some degree. Jo Bird have a wide range of shelves, bulkheads, brackets and straps to store a plethora of tools and other safety equipment. If you have a list of the equipment you wish to store, the sales/estimating team will be happy to design the cabinet interior so the equipment can be stored in an orderly fashion and so be located quickly if needed. Drawings of the proposed layout can be provided for no additional charge.

Can the cabinets be made fire resistant?

A. Yes the JB composite range can be manufactured using class 1 flame retardant resins so a source of flame has to be in contact with the cabinet for it to burn. Please note these cabinets are not fire proof and do not have a fire rating.

How do I install the cabinet?

A. The cabinets can be mounted in a number of ways. The smaller models are designed to be wall/bulkhead mounted and have reinforcement in the back where they can be drilled for the fitting of bolts or studs. The larger cabinets have reinforced bases and backs for mounting to the ground/deck and wall/bulkhead. Mounting to grating is also possible using upside down hooks instead of bolts. Jo Bird can supply channel or angle to raise the cabinet off a deck as an optional extra. In many cases it is also possible to mount the cabinets on GRP posts if there is no wall/bulkhead to mount them to. The cabinet bases are reinforced if these are specified. Please ask for details.

How long is the guarantee?

A. Jo Bird cabinets come with between 1 year and 5 year guarantees. One year is standard for the injection moulded cabinets (although they are expected to last many years) and the Rotationally moulded and composite cabinets both have five year guarantees against manufacturing defects. All the Jo Bird cabinets are rugged and designed to be very reliable so the company is happy to offer these long guarantees. Accidental damage is of course not included.

What does the guarantee cover?

A. The guarantee covers manufacturing defects but excludes accidental damage. Jo Bird pride themselves on the quality of their products and each cabinet is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the factory to ensure it is in excellent condition. The cabinets are also carefully packed to prevent damage in transit. The packaging can’t protect them against all threats and  the most likely cause of damage being the arms of fork lift trucks. If cabinets are damaged in use we keep spare parts such as hinges, doors and lids which can be retrofitted. These are very rarely required.

How do you lift the cabinets?

A. The cabinets are light weight but rigid so can easily be lifted by hand. In some cases this may require up to four people are the largest ones. A sling can be used to hoist a cabinet into position either on or off a pallet. Then it is lifted or pushed into position. Jo Bird try to avoid fitting lifting lugs as this requires stainless steel reinforcement in the upper part of the cabinet making it rather top heavy (as well as adding considerably to the cost). Due to the longevity of the Jo Bird cabinets, in most cases they will last the length of the project so replacement won’t be necessary.

Can the door be left hinged?

A. The cabinet range with horizantally opening single doors can have the door hinged from the left or the right hand sides. The standard is from the right but if the cabinet is not easily accessable from the left then the door can be mounted the other way around. There is no additional charged for left hinging. The largest cabinets have two doors as this keeps down the length of the door. Some of the cabinets such as the SOS300, SOS100/101 can be changed by rotating the cabinet body by 180 degrees to make them left hinged. In the SOS100/101 the shelf will need to be moved but this is very straightforward.

What is the lead time for the cabinets?

A. JoBird aim to keep all the SOS range of cabinets in stock at one time so a lead time of approximately 5 days is common. Occasionally due to a surge in demand, this maybe extended to a few weeks. The JB range are mostly built to order so the lead time will depend on the number of backorders in the production plan when your order is received. To this the time to actually make your cabinets has to be added. If a quote is requested the sales team will provide an estimated lead time for that moment in time. A more precise lead time is given on the official order confirmation.

Can Jo Bird arrange transport?

A. Yes Jo Bird can arrange transportation by road, sea or air to most countries. There are a few where it is better for the customer to arrange freight due to local customs complications. Please ask if this is a concern. All customers are also welcome to arrange freight themselves and Jo Bird do not charge for packing (unless crating or fumigation is required).

Can the cabinets cope with high temperatures?

A. Yes the JB composites can cope with the extremes of over 50C in outside desert conditons down to -54C without any structural issues unlike polyethylene which softens at high temperatures. In high temperatures and humid environments we can fit vents with anti-insect mesh to help keep the temperatures inside down. They can also help to reduce condensation.

Can the cabinets be heated?

Jo Bird offer a wide range of heating and insuation options. Both for hazardous explosion risk areas (zone 1,2) as well as Safe zones. The electrical components supplied for explosion risk areas can be ATEX or CSA certified. Both 110v and 230v options are available. All the componets selected to ensure many years of trouble free service and are easy to install as all the electrical wiring is already fitted. It is simply a case of a suitably qualified electrician connecting a power cable to the junction box and securing the terminals. If you would like a quote please let us know the minimum project temperature and if the cabinet(s) will be in a hazardous zone or not.

What does IP56 mean?
Read all about it here: Ingress IP Code

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