Life Jacket & Immersion Cabinets

The range of cabinet options for automatic lifejackets, foam filled lifejackets and immersion suits is very wide.

There are chests and cabinets suitable for the commercial marine sector (SOS) and JB cabinets that are widely used in the commercial marine, energy and defence sectors.

For automatic lifejackets not store in foil or vacuum bags we recommend using the “LJ” range as these cabinets have hangers which help tto keep the lifejackets away from moisture. For automatic lifejackets in bags, we recommend the “LJS” models as these come with shelves to neatly store the jackets. The same models can be used for foam filled lifejackets too.

The exact capacity each cabinet can store varies considerably depending on the size of lifejacket so if you aren’t sure please ask as we have most lifejacket dimensions on file. 

The same applies to immersion suits as the thermal ones are much larger than the uninsulated types used in warmer seas.

For colder regions we offer cabinets with heating and insulation to prevent frost. 

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