Power Generation

Power generation is a hazardous business. Look after your fire safety equipment, with the help of our storage cabinets.

We know that fire safety is crucial in the energy and petrochemical industry. That is why our  cabinets are sturdy, strong and reliable.

The JB cabinets are produced from durable GRP  based composites designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. These  will not corrode, nor will they require any maintenance other than perhaps the occasional clean. Jo Bird cabinets are often specified by power stations (including nuclear) in both the UK and across the world for these reasons.

What is more, all of JoBird’s GRP cabinets are made to order. So, we can customise them precisely to your needs. This includes adaptations for hot  climates as well as heated and insulated options for areas of extreme cold.

The SOS range of  cabinets provide an affordable means of protecting your fire safety equipment. Their sturdy plastic construction makes them highly robust, and resistant to environmental degradation.

All of our cabinets are produced to a very high standard – evidence of which is provided by our independent quality assurance certifications .


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