Life Jacket and Immersion Cabinets

Jo Bird offer an extensive range of cabinets to store foam filled lifejackets, automatic lifejackets and immersion suits.
For lifejackets there is a choice of a range of chests or upright cabinets. The advantage of the upright models is they take up less deck space. For automatic lifejackets this type of storage is recommended over chests to reduce the risk of accidental inflation. The cabinets can be fitted with automatic lifejacket hangers (suffix is “LJ” or shelves “LJS”. The hangers are ideal if the lifejackets are not stored in bags. For those that are the LJS model range is ideal. The exact capacity of each cabinet depends on the model of lifejacket and immersion suits being stored as they vary considerably in size.
It is possible to put a mix of both lifejackets and immersion suits in the same cabinets so please ask the sales team for further details.

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